Agate Yoni Eggs

$ 77.99

Focus all of your intentions when using an Agate Yoni Egg/s to rebalance, purify and harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Let it sooth inner tension, heal hidden anger and let it guide you to a joyful and relaxing state of mind. Gemstone Yoni Egg/s are an incredible way to increase your vaginal strength by using it as a vaginal weight. This will increase your pleasure responses and allow you to hold your orgasm for longer periods of time.

Filled with gentle soft energy vibrations, this yoni egg will reconnect your soul, mind and spirit while balancing all of your chakras from the deepest, sensual part of your body.

  • Tones and strengthens the pelvic floor
  • Enhances kegel exercises
  • Increases natural lubrication
  • Heightens sensitivity and sensations
  • Supports PMS and menstrual symptons
  • Connect to your feminine energy and womb space
  • Womb healing/clearing
  • Orgasmic manifestation
Crystal Properties
Chakra: All
If it is grounding you are after Grey Agate is the crystal for you. All agate crystals vibrate on a lower, smooth and gentle vibration. The smoky grey ringed crystal radiates a beautiful soft and sensual strength to ground the soul. Reach for agate if you are feeling unbalanced and in need of connecting back to the energies of the earth. If you are struggling to balance emotional, physical or spiritual awareness then agate will aid in centering your energies. It has the ability to hold both negative and positive energies together creating a strong united force almost like Ying and Yang. To every force there is a balance. It can heal inner anger; bring forth love and calm emotional trauma.

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