GIA Certified Yoni Eggs

Rhodonite Spiral Yoni Wand

$ 41.99

Brand Gemstone Yoni Eggs


Excite your muscles and yoni with our spiral massage wands. Hand carved into the perfect shaped spirals your sure to awaken pleasure points you never knew existed. This rhodonite crystal massage wand will fill you with vibrant love and energy whether you use it as a rhodonite dildo or body massager.  

  • GIA certified Rhodonite
  • Perfect pleasure spirals and grooves 
  • Orgasmic sensations

    MOHS Rating: 6.5

    Origin: Australia

    Size: 4.75"

      Each stone will have a unique appearance of pink, cream and black color variations.

      Corresponds to the Heart Chakra

      Rhodonite is a gentle stone used for healing, nurturing the inner self, empowering, forgiveness along with aids in dealing with stress and pain.

      For the ultimate massage on the feet, back, shoulders, neck or yoni:

      • Use the crystal massage wands thicker end to target pressure points.
      • Use the rose quartz massage wand in a horizontal position rolling it with pressure over the back, shoulders, arms, legs or feet. 
      • Use the twisted crystal dildo to stimulate the yoni by moving in and out or in circular motions and engaging the clitoris for extra pleasure. 




      How to use

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