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Blind Fold Me {Rhodonite mini Twist} Yoni Wand - GIA Certified

$ 37.99

Brand Gemstone Yoni Eggs

Each massage wand purchase comes in a sanitary, sealed, professional package complete with a user guide and a custom keepsake pouch. 

Do you love power and pleasure? So do the yoni experts at Gemstone Yoni Eggs. 

We invite you to melt into a whole new realm of pleasure with our silky smooth  Twisted Rhodonite Wands. Sized perfectly to explore all the nooks and crannies while the wave-like ridges create intense pleasure inside you. As you move in and out, your yoni wand will infuse your scared walls with the magical powers of pure Rhodonite energy. 

  • GIA Certified Rhodonite
  • Measurements: 4.75" L X 1" W
  • Color: pink & black
  • Chakras: heart
  • Properties: emotional healing, acceptance, forgiveness, love, anxiety, panic, generosity, talents, altruism.

Our massage wands are hand-carved and gently tumbled to a smooth and silky texture, perfect for your sacred inner space. 

We are proud to offer women the first holistic, non-porous, hygienic alternative to stainless steel, silicone and plastic massagers. And unlike other massagers, Gemstone massage wands are not enhanced or shaped with chemicals, dyes, heat, plasticizers like phthalates, BPA, etc. making them totally safe and totally natural. 

Size check! Please review our sizes before purchasing. Our sizes vary from other sellers; please do not compare our sizes to other sellers as ours are different.

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