Obsidian Clitoris Yoni Wand

$ 19.99


Clit is queen, the center of pleasure. Small but powerful, our obsidian clitoris yoni wand aligns perfectly with your finger for targeted clitoris stimulation.

  • 100% natural organic crystal
  • Certified Obsidian
  • Sleek, silky, smooth
  • Clitoral stimulation
  • Holds warm / cold sensations
  • May use dry, wet or any glide infusion
  • infuses energetic vibes
  • MOHS Rating: 5.5

    Origin: Mexico

    Size: 2.25"

    Each stone will have a black color tone, some with possible gold sheen.

    Corresponds to the Root Chakra

    Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones used for healing, blocking negativities and releases harbored emotions.

    Align with your finger while you target the clitoris for sensational stimulation.

    May use on pressure points on the entire body.

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