There is power in loving yourself.

A deep well of power, because when you love yourself, you are no longer susceptible to manipulation.

This means that you cannot be swayed into choices, thoughts, and situations that go against your high level of self-worth.

A woman in love with herself says no to things that do not serve her, says yes to things that do, and does not sacrifice her well-being for anyone or anything.

The culture we have grown up in does not allow for this level of self-love.

In a system that benefits from self-loathing, we have been subconsciously sold the idea of low self-worth.

With a lack of self-love, we buy the products that will make us “thinner, more beautiful, more worthy, and more loveable.”

All of this puts the money and the power in the hands of those who sells us the idea that we should hate ourselves.

As we awaken to our power, we are awakening to the deep truth of the love that we are.

We are rewriting these stories of self-loathing into self-love.

The journey from self-hate to self-love is a tender one, so we have put together a list of 5 ways you can develop more self-love.


#1 Practice Self-Acceptance


Before you can truly love yourself, you must go through the stage of self-acceptance. This requires radical honesty of who you are and the ability to accept yourself as you are.

This does not mean trying to change yourself into self-love. It does not work that way. The self-help industry is worth billions of dollars, and involves the idea that there is a “better you.”

Evolution and change is human nature. We are meant to shift and transform, but when you are being told you must change, that somehow, the way you are isn’t worthy enough, is a trap.

Can you accept all of you?

The dark and the light?

If you can’t, that is where the work comes in.

An affirmation you can begin to implement into your day is, “I am open to accepting myself as I am”

This will help you on the journey to self-acceptance, and then self-love.



#2 Mirror Work


As women, a lot of our low self-worth and loathing comes from our appearance.

Fashion models, actresses, and their perfect airbrushed skin has created a deep dysphoria about how we look. We try so many ways to make ourselves look like the current beauty trend.

The reality is, though, is that we are all beautiful in our own way. Like flowers, unique and worthy of love.

A mirror work practice can help you see this.

Take 5 minutes out of your day to spend time with yourself in front of a mirror.

This can be extremely difficult for some, and that’s okay if you find it that way.

The path of self-acceptance comes through in this mirror work practice as well, because it asks of you to be with the way you are, now. 

Your reflection is yours to love.

Can you admire your form, your unique way of being?

A mirror work practice can help you begin to love and accept your physical form.


#3 Move in a Way that Nourishes You


Unfortunately, many women workout as a form of punishment.

They do not like themselves, and so they try to change their figure through unhealthy methods.

This will not help you love yourself, and can in fact, create more problems with yourself image.

Instead of doing a workout because you want to “be thinner, fitter, etc”, try a form of movement that is fun, inspiring, and nourishing.

Let yourself enjoy the type of movement you engage in.

Your body loves to move, so let it move in a way that is truly healthy.


#4 Hug Yourself


This is a simple yet powerful way to develop more self-love.

When was the last time you hugged yourself? Touched yourself with loving intentions?

Try it now.

Wrap your arms around yourself.

Stay that way for a minute.

How does it make you feel?

When we are in a space of self-loathing, most of our touch is filled with the energy of “not enough”

You pinch your fat in disgust.

You assess your skin for imperfections.

When you hug yourself, you are giving yourself love.

You are saying “you are enough” “I love you” and it is healing to do so.

Hug yourself more often. You deserve a loving touch from yourself.


#5 Work with Rose Quartz


The energy of the Rose Quartz Crystal is pure love.

A soft inviting energy, this crystal helps you develop self-love through this energy.

Connected to the heart, when you work with this crystal your heart opens and heals, allowing you to love yourself deeper.

When it comes to working with a crystal, you want to program your intentions into it.

The intention of self-love works beautifully with Rose Quartz.

Because of the gentle nature of this crystal, you can work with it often. 

Developing self-love is very much possible, and when you implement one or all of these ways, you are going further on the path of loving yourself.

It will take time and dedication to rewrite all the stories of self-loathing, but every time you do, you are healing towards love.

If you want to work with Rose Quartz, check out, three are many Rose Quartz tools you can use on your journey to self-love.
September 13, 2022 — Alexis Maze