Sometimes life happens, and you’re just not in the mood.




Or maybe your sexual energy is not as strong as you want it to be and you want that to change.




You want to feel more connected to your sexuality.




You want to feel more vitality.




You want to feel more orgasmic.




There are many factors that can contribute to lower libido but don’t worry, there are always ways to increase it.




Here are 5 things you can do to boost your sexual energy:




Get enough Sleep




The quality of sleep you have affects every aspect of your life. It is an important foundation for healthy living. If you are not getting proper sleep, this will negatively affect your libido as well. So make sure you are prioritizing sleep. Go to sleep earlier and avoid electronics 2 hours before bed. When you get enough sleep, your body will feel more inclined to engage in sexual pleasures.




Eat and Drink Well




When you eat well you feel well. When you feel well your sexual energy will naturally increase. Your body relies on the food you give it for its energy so make sure you are consuming whole foods with enough fat, protein, and carbs. Make sure to include enough water in your day to day, this will rapidly help your libido, especially if you are dehydrated.



Try Herbal Remedies






The concept of aphrodisiacs exists for a reason: because they work. They are certain foods and herbs that have been shown to boost your sexual energy so try adding some herbs into your lifestyle to boost your libido. Maca, Ginkgo biloba, Fenugreek, and even Cacao are great ones to try. Remember: consult your doctor before implanting any new remedies into your system.




Incorporate Self Pleasure into your Life




Sometimes boosting your libido means more self pleasure. Because when you’re not engaging with your sexual energy it wanes. Buy a crystal toy, indulge in exploring your sexuality, and make it a common thing. This will help you connect more deeply to your pleasure, and in turn train your body to crave more of it.

Practice Body Neutrality




Sometimes a negative body image will affect your desire to explore your sexuality. You spend time nitpicking your body that you cannot enjoy the process of sex and pleasure. When you begin to practice body neutrality, you begin to heal your relationship to your body. Instead of seeing it as something that is only for visual pleasure, you start to see it as a part of you to enjoy this planet. Your body is not meant to look pretty, it is meant to experience life. When you practice body neutrality, your libido will increase because you are no longer obsessing over how you look during sexual acts.




Your libido is not a fixed thing, it will fluctuate throughout your life, but if you want to experience a higher libido, these tips will help you get there. Remember: your sexual energy is powerful, when you treat yourself and your body right, your libido will naturally rise.
March 16, 2022 — A J