Being in the flow.

The elusive way of living that all the yogis, mystic, and gurus talk about.

But what exactly is it and how can you tell when you are in it?


The perfect day.

That’s what it feels like.

The day where everything is like a motion picture and it was meant to play out this way.

You get that parking spot quickly.

You make that connection that fulfills the vision you had last week.


It’s cruising down the street in your rollerblades.

It’s surfing the biggest wave.

It’s summer nights under the stars.

You’re dancing with the fire. You’re drinking your wine. Friends are all around you.

It’s ukulele playing to a rhythm that you know so well.

It’s a lover knowing each spot to touch.

It’s deep belly breaths.

It’s laughter.

It’s hours and hours of creating art.

It’s that feeling when you immerse yourself in the warm ocean water. Or a cold refreshing river.

It’s when you find a ripe avocado.

Or the juiciest mango.

And you eat it all up, satisfied.

This is flow. This is alignment.

When you are living, in harmony, in ease, with life.


So, how can you get into this state? What stops up from living here?


This state is a natural way of being.

It’s a child, unburdened by thoughts.

It takes commitment to reach this state fully.

Commitment to ritual and presence.

Commitment to intention.

Because the only thing that stops you from living in this place is lack of those things.

When you don’t notice.

When you don’t see.

How life wants to move through you.


Meditation, mindfulness, playing, and immersing yourself in creating art are ways that will help you enter this state.

Go for a drive with a friend and notice everything that happens.

Set a timer for 2 minutes to sit down and witness your breath.

Take 20 minutes to draw freehand.

When you decide that life is miraculous and you want to see it all, it will look different. You will be in alignment to yourself and to life itself.


An important thing to note is that it is impossible to always be in the kind of flow that feels good.

This is not what the human experience is about.

Just as the sea comes to the shore, so must it retreat.

We live in a cyclical existence and there is no running from this.

What flows, must ebb.

This is still part of being in alignment, though, so don’t fall for the new age stories trying to sell you that you should always feel happy and high vibe.

Stumbling is just as important as flying.

Such is the nature of living.

It will not always feel like hands in the air at a rock and roll concert.

It will not always feel like roses gliding on skin.

Sometimes, it will be your heart aching after a breakup.

Sometimes, it will be a bleeding cut without a bandage.

Sometimes, it will be spilling your coffee on your favorite white shirt.

And that’s okay.

Deep breaths during those moments.

Deep surrender into the big joke of being human.

And remember to enjoy the ride.


Written by Tania MaldonadoSocial:  @iamtaniaheart
July 20, 2021 — Alexis Maze