Gemstone Yoni Eggs is the worlds leading provider of Gemstone Pleasure Wands. We're a values-driven brand dedicated to "sexually empowering people" by providing the highest quality, GIA Certified Massage Wands and Holistic Sex Toys to people all over the globe. 
This guide serves to provide fun ideas for using our Wands. In addition to sexual pleasure, our wands are also great for full body massage; use our large wand to roll over large areas of the body for a deeper massage, or our twisted wand for fine, indepth stimulation for areas that are tight or sore. 
We encourage you to take a deep breathe and melt into this sacred time of self-love and pleasure. Allow the energetic properties of your Wand to deepen your relationship with your sensual and sacred self.

Large Straight:

Go as deep as you dare with our large Yoni Wands. Designed to fill up every inch of your yoni for deep, penetrating and fulfilling pleasure. Explore the deeper regions of your Yoni for new pleasure spots and maximum sensations. Use the tip of your Yoni Wand for cervix play, the magical gateway to your womb. With gentle pressure, massage the cervix with the end of your Yoni Wand in light circular movements. Allow yourself to explore other areas of your body with your free hand while massaging your cervix; nipple play, clitoris love... let the journey be intuitive, dive deep and surrender to the blissful sensations deep inside you.


Our G-Spot Wand was designed with one thing in mind; the G-Spot!  Made to stimulate one of your most sensitive erogenous zones, this mini G-Spot Wand will make you shudder from head to toe!  Our G-Spot wand was designed to actually reach this delicate area that sits near the opening of the Yoni about 2-3 inches of the anterior wall. The small curved ends are specifically angled to make it easier for you to find and pleasure your G-Spot. And once you do, gently massage in up/down,  circular motions and get ready for toe curling, earth shaking, life changing orgasms! 



When it comes to sex toys, we are changing the game! Not only are we bringing you natural and holistic options, we invite you to explore our mini wands. Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to our mini Twisted Yoni Wand.  Sized perfectly to explore all the nooks and crannies while the wave-like ridges create intense pleasure both inside and outside of your Yoni. With our Twisted Wand, we invite you to experience the subtle pleasure zones of the outer regions of your Yoni. Send loving vibes as you massage the inner and outer labia, perineum and clitoris. Gently awaken your inner goddess with these zones before diving into the deeper realms of your Yoni.


Deep inside your sacred space lies undiscovered areas of pleasure points. With our Curved Yoni Wand you can explore these regions which are known as erotic reflexology. Taoist sexologists assert that the most intense and powerful reflex points are actually the sex organs themselves. With the rounded tip and curved shaft allows you to massage these intimate pressure-points from the inside. Once these reflexology points are massaged and awakened, women will begin to experience the multiple orgasms and sexual ecstasy that she deserves...all while sending healing energy to various organs in her body.