yoni egg reviews

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  • Amazing! Seller is a five-star seller! She went above and beyond to obtain the very best, most beautiful red African Jasper--with a beautiful, gentle, yet energizing, energy. 100% perfect! I highly recommend this seller. The stone is large, not medium. So beautiful I might display it with my other special crystals--
    or not? Thank you so very much! This stone is the best of the best!  

  • Shipping was crazy fast, the product was even more beautiful than I anticipated!
  • Gorgeous gemstone, red jasper is one of my favorites. Thank you. I am looking forward to what blessings this beauty will bring into my life.

  • Awesome yoni egg. It was my first time using a medium undrilled egg. The experience was amazing. Thank you for providing such high quality stones. I highly recommend.
  • I've worked with yoni eggs for a couple years and find them extremely comforting. I enjoy just wearing the egg and not doing any kegel exercises. This brings an increased awareness throughout my day and I can feel the energy expanding and building and shining through me. I'm a much happier person since working with yoni eggs. 
  • I haven't started using my rose quartz egg yet, but want to say what a pleasure it was meeting Stephanie at women's wellness event in Boulder, CO. I love that she sources the highest quality gemstones for her eggs and look forward to healing through my egg. Yoni Cheers! 
  • OMG Kegels on Crack
  • I'm glad I found this amazing deal and suggest others take advantage of this deal

  • Thank you so much for my beautiful egg. Its perfect. And the bag is beautiful. It has a great energy and purpose!
  • A lot easier to use than Benwa balls. I am able to hold the egg easier than the balls. Exercises are more noticeable. Ill have to get a review from my hubs in a few weeks. Lol OK, update, I just put it in and mopped my kitchen, cleaned, all while dancing to the radio. Ya, nice!!
  • Super fast shipping! I received it before etsy told me it shipped!! Excellent customer service! and the yoni egg is gorgeous!!!
  • The seller was great in responding to personal concerns. The egg is beautiful and has such great energy.
  • I love my rose quartz yoni egg. Unfortunately I only got 3 uses from it before it just up and dissappeared! So I just ordered two more! Shipping was very fast and I received a extra stone (carnelian) with my order. Great seller communication. I will also add that the claims of the benefits of these eggs are not exaggerated at all. I'm so excited for my new yoni eggs to arrive so I can get back to work with them!
  • This was absolutely as described, PEREFECT, thank you so much. The energy inside of me from this stone is incredible, I'm in love with it an will be ordering again!! Thank you!

  • Package arrived quickly even before the estimated arrival date ! Nicely polished, flawless stone ! Will repurchase from this seller ?

  • Very informative seller, quick shipper, very well packaged, cute storage bag, and special touch of adding pocket crystal. Thank you so much! Would purchase again! Now off to egg cleansing. Can't wait to get started!
  • Fast shipping good quality product ! Easy to follow instructions ... Can't wait to see the results of my yoni egg and kegels ! ?
  • These breast massage stones are phenomenal! Smooth. Perfect slight curve. With breast massage oil you can truly get the best massage and open up your lymphs, increase energy and blood flow to breast tissue and your heart chakra! Rose quartz is the perfect stone for this. Love it! I think these are the perfect gifts for the Goddesses in my sistar circle. Self love at its finest! Thank you.

  • This is the ONLY shop I will buy my yoni eggs from. Good stuff here.
  • Wow FAST shipping! Seller is very nice and informative. My Yoni Egg is perfect, smooth, beautiful - you can definitely see and feel the quality and energy in these yoni eggs. I will definitely buy again.


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