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** * The benefits of yoni eggs * **

For thousands of years, yoni eggs have helped women heal and strengthen their sacred inner spaces. From boosting sensual enjoyment to relieving moontime tension, yoni eggs are an essential tool for healthy womanhood at every stage of life.


Harness orgasmic energy

Ancient Chinese medicine refers to the web of interconnected nerves, muscles, and tissues within the pelvis as life-force energy. To support this sacred inner space, ancient queens and courtesans used jade eggs to cultivate energy in the womb.

Your yoni egg works in the same way to harness, focus, and strengthen your orgasmic energy, allowing you to exert complete control over the power of your feminine sensuality and experience the multiple orgasms and sexual ecstasy that you and your partner deserve.


Release moontime tension

Studies have shown that yoni egg exercises help to reduce menstrual discomfort and shorten the duration of periods by increasing blood flow to your uterus. A stronger pelvic floor can even help alleviate the pain of endometriosis.

Your yoni egg can help you end your period pain and cramping with only a few minutes of exercise a day.


Balance your chakras

Located at the base of the spine in the center of your sacred inner space is your root chakra, from which your life energy springs. Root chakra blockages can cause anxiety, fatigue, and a lack of motivation.

With your crystal yoni egg, you can easily access your root chakra to clear blockages and heal imbalances, allowing all of your chakras access to clean, flowing energy.

Prepare for pregnancy

A strong pelvic floor is a pregnant goddess’s best friend. When your sacred inner space is strong, it can give the support you need to your organs and your growing baby, preventing issues such as vaginal prolapse, incontinence, and weakness during delivery.

Prepare for your journey into motherhood with your yoni egg to ensure that you and your child stay safe and comfortable throughout your pregnancy and birth.


Heal postpartum discomfort

Birth is beautiful. Postpartum discomfort isn’t! You don’t have to live with incontinence, uterine misalignment, or vulvar pain after your childbirth or c-section. Instead, enjoy meditative exercises with your yoni egg to heal your sacred inner space blissfully and easily.

Combine yoni egg exercises with your belly wrap, yoni steam, or yoga rituals for truly beautiful and effective self­ care.


Regain youthful vibrance

As we age, the muscles of our sacred inner space lose tone. This can result in incontinence, constipation, and a loss of sexual pleasure. By using a yoni egg to strengthen your pelvic floor, you can regain the pleasure, control, and vitality that you deserve.

Our chemical­-free, porelessly­ polished yoni eggs are an ideal tool for your ongoing health.


Better than kegels

Women all around the world are referring to this practice as vaginal kung-fu, kegels-on-crack and yoni yoga. And it makes perfect sense, I mean, who wants to do kegel exercises for months on end with little or no results? The regular kegels that are embraced and understood by women today ignore some of the most vital components of vaginal strengthening techniques: weight, resistance, massage, and form.

Tight, cramped pelvic floor muscles can cause as many issues as those that lack tone. Additionally, since the pelvic floor supports the spine and abdominal organs, unevenly exercised muscles caused by incorrect kegeling can actually create misalignment and pain all the way up and down the body.

Learn how yoni eggs work to strengthen your sacred inner space here.


Strengthen, massage, and heal

By using a yoni egg to exercise your pelvic floor, you give your sacred inner space the weight and resistance it needs to not just tighten, but strengthen. Using a yoni egg also helps you strengthen the muscles of your sacred inner space evenly, so that you won’t experience discomfort or create misalignment issues.

The silky smooth, porelessly ­polished surface of your yoni egg will also gently massage your sacred space, clearing any tension and encouraging relaxation and pleasure.

Gemstone Yoni Eggs are the only natural, holistic, non-synthetic product to work ones sacred inner space. Learn about their quality and standards here.