Gemstones are fragile, its important to inspect your gemstone before each use to make sure the integrity of the stone has not been compromised.  

If you notice a blemish on your gemstone you should inspect it to make sure it does not pose any risk. 

Surface scratches are fairly common with many gemstones.  If a surface scratch is present, as long as there is not a sharpe edge, your gemstone is considered safe to use. 

Cracks on your gemstone can compromise the integrity of your gemstone and should not be used internally.  If the crack is large and runs along and around the gemstone this could be a sign of "cleavage" and is an area where your stone can break in half.  

Internal Fractures are more common within some gemstone families.  If you notice an internal fracture within your gemstone you want to make sure it doesn't progress to the surface.  

Inclusions are natural impurities found in the gemstones and develop while the stone is being processed in nature’s womb.  These "brith marks" are sealed within the gemstone and do not hinder the use of the gemstone.    

Its important to properly clean your gemstone after each use to preserve the integrity of the stone.

Do not boil your gemstone, this will compromise the integrity of the stone causing it to form internal cracks or even break your gemstone. 

A light cleanse with soap and water is all you need.  Allow your stone to air dry or use our sanitizer to spray on the gemstone are you wash with soap and water. 

Sensory Play:

Sensory play is a fun way to spice up your pleasure session, however it's important that you do not freeze your gemstone before use.  A frozen gemstone that comes into contact with your internal body heat can create a reaction to the stone causing it to crack. If you choose to heat your gemstone before use, you should ONLY do so by running under warm water. (Do not place in boiling water). Make sure your stone is not cold before heating.  

Medical Conditions
If you have any current medical conditions you should consult with your medical professional before use of our products. 

Women that are pregnant should refrain from using yoni eggs and should consult with their medical professional if they are safe to use yoni wands. 

Women that have an IUD in place should refrain from using yoni eggs.