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Q. How long do I leave my yoni egg inside me?

A. For kegel exercises, about 5 to 10 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Just like working out at the gym, you need to allow your vaginal muscles time to rest and repair.  For spiritual use, try and use it daily or as much as possible to get the most benefits from the crystal energy. Check out our blog, Yoni Yoga to learn some fun exercises to do with your yoni egg. 

Q. When is it time to move down a yoni egg size?

A. If you do your yoni egg exercises consistently for 8 weeks you can move down a size (usually). Just like working out at the gym, consistency is key to gaining strength and tone. You can also do the squat test: with your yoni egg inside, get down into a deep squat position and bear down like your having a bowl movement. If it falls out you may need a little more time with your current size. This is also a great strength training exercise for your yoni too; while in the deep squat, preform some kegel exercises with your yoni egg. 

Q. Can my egg lost inside me?

A. Nope, never. Same concept as wearing a tampon. If you are not using a string and it finds it's way up a little high, simply lay down and relax; it will travel down enough for you to scoop out with your fingers. Sitting on the toilet to urinate will usually do the trick as well (make sure to catch the egg so it doesn't fall in the toilet). Another way is the deep squat position; bear down and use your fingers if needed. 

Q. What yoni egg is best for kegel exercises?

A. Some of our yoni eggs are heavier than others. The heavier the egg, the more your yoni has to work to keep her in which will give you more benefit over the lighter stones. Our heaviest yoni eggs are our jade eggs. Nephrite Jade Egg, Jadeite Jade Egg Lavender Jadeite Jade Egg Rhodonite Yoni Egg and Red Jasper Yoni Egg. Other heavy yoni eggs are quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst and rose quartz. Obsidian and Mookaite are our lightest yoni eggs.

Q. Why are some yoni eggs drilled?

A. Some women prefer to thread natural dental floss, cotton or hemp string through the drilled hole to have more control over the egg for kegel exercises, vaginal weight lifting and easy retrieval. For some women the string acts as a security blanket; knowing you have full access to your egg at all times. 

Q. Can drilled eggs harbor bacteria in the drill hole?

A. No. Since our yoni eggs are naturally non-porous bacteria cannot penetrate the stone. A simple wash will clean the yoni egg and the drilled hole. In addition, a healthy woman's vagina is very clean because of estrogen and good bacteria produces hydrogen peroxide which keeps our lady bits sterile, thus the famous saying "vaginas are self-cleaning ovens" (yes, vaginas really do produce their own hydrogen peroxide to keep it clean). Of course, if you have an infection drilled or non-drilled yoni eggs should not be used.

Q. My gemstone has a surface nick, internal crack or inclusion, is normal and safe to use?

A. Yes, it is normal and to be expected on stones like ours that have not been treated with any synthetic materials.  All of our stones are all natural and free of fillers, because of the structure of gemstones and how they are formed in the earth small imperfections are common and will be on some stones.  This does not affect the use of the gemstone and are still safe to use.

Q. Are your Gemstones certified?

A. Yes, all of our stones are GIA certified.  You can view the certificates of authenticity and  Read about our quality and standards

Q. How long does shipping take?

A. Shipping is always a flat rate fee in the USA, no matter how many items you order. It usually takes 2-4 days to reach it's destination. You can upgrade to priority shipping which can take 1-3 days. Shipping outside the USA usually takes 7-21days, unless you choose the priority option. We are not responsible for your countries duties, taxes and other fees. Please read our policies for more detailed information. 

Q. Can I use the Egg while pregnant?

A. Do not use a yoni egg while you are pregnant unless your doctor says you can. 

Q. Can I use the egg with an IUD or other birth control?

A. This is a question for your doctor. 

Q. Can I use the Egg while I'm menstruating?

A. We advise against it, but yes, you can. 

Q. I'm a virgin, can I still use the Eggs?

A.Yes. If you are a minor, do not use yoni eggs.


Q. How do I know which size to start with?

A. Please see our size guide.


Q. Are your gemstones certified? 

A. Yes, we are certified with GIA, you can find the certificates in each products descriptions and on our GIA page.