Another traditional Chinese healing treatment has made it's way to the West again!  The simple yet effective crystal facial roller helps with de-puffing, cell rebuilding, collagen boosting, and lymphatic drainage.  Combine the energetic power of crystals and massage rolling technique of the jade roller and allow yourself to slip into a calming meditative state, destress and let the glow begin from within radiating all the way to your outer beauty.  These gems will Leave your overworked, tension filled facial muscles feeling vibrantly fresh rejuvenated and glowing!

For an extra boost:

* Put it in the fridge or freezer a few minutes before use

* Run it under warm water a few minutes before use ( Do not put in hot water and make sure stone is not really cold before running under warm water, this can cause it to crack)

1. Start with clean freshly cleansed skin

2. Apply serum, moisturizer, facial oil or mask

3. Start rolling!  Either start at the chest working your way up to the forehead or start at your forehead working your way down to your chest.  

  • Massage in outward and / or upward rolling motions
  • Use slight pressure, but not hard
  • Complete 5 passes per area

4. If you applied a mask it may start to get sticky or dry, you can mist light water to loosen it up a bit for smooth strokes.

5. If you applied serum, oil or moisturize you should begin to see your skin turn a slight pink color.  This is good!  A sign your blood is circulating and the treatment is working.

6. Once you have covered your entire face, neck and chest, remove the mask with water or give your skin a light wipe to remove any remaining oils.  

7.  Finish the treatment with one last dose of your favorite moisturizer, oil or serum!  

* Pro-Tip:  If you have blemishes, try putting your roller in the freezer for a few minutes then slowly rolling over that spot for a minute or two to help relieve the inflammation.