Opalite Straight Yoni Wand

$ 129.99


Let this deliciously magical pleasure wand take you away to a pleasure fueled state of mind. Opalite is a glass crystal wand that is known for its amplifying and balancing abilities which will allow you to focus on your climax intently. This is the perfect crystal sex toy to create confidence, pleasure and positive energy throughout your sexual playtime.

Whether you like to play alone or you want to share this tingling experience, feel it ignite your sexual desires and unleash the inner goddess.

  • Glass opal crystal Yoni Wand
  • Sleek, silky, smooth
  • Holds warm / cold sensations
  • May use dry, wet or any glide infusion
  • infuses energetic vibes
  • MOHS Rating: 6


    Large: 7.5” long x 1.5” wide

    Medium Slim: 7” long x 1” wide

    Each stone will have a white color with iridescent hues of pink, blue and green.

    Corresponds to the Heart Chakra

    Opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of the wearer.  It intensifies emotions enhancing ones cosmic consciousness.  Opal allows one to access their true self, stimulating your originality and creativity.

    Use the large crystal dildo to stimulate the yoni by moving in and out or in circular motions and engaging the clitoris for extra pleasure. 

    Use the crystal massage wands thicker end to target pressure points all over the body.

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