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Agate Anal Plug

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Discover the orgasmic pleasure points within the highly sensitive anal and prostate region with our pure crystal anal plug. Allow yourself to fall into ecstasy while the energy vibrates through the backside intensifying a deep powerful sensation.

  • Certified Agate
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Rectal stimulation
  • MOHS Rating: 7

    Origin: Brazil

    Size: 4” long x 1.5” at widest spot, end disk 1.75”

    Each stone will have a unique appearance of white, cream, grey, blue, brown color variations.

    Corresponds to the Throat Chakra

    The stone of stability, vibrating on a lower frequency it's great for balancing and harmonizing positive and negative forces.

    Anal plugs are intended for rectal stimulation and play for both men and women.

    Intensifies orgasms for men by stimulating and creating pressure on the prostate muscles that contain sensational nerve endings.

    Anal play for women indirectly stimulates the G-spot and clitoris amplifying orgasmic pleasure.

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