Connect with your Internal Knowing

This guided meditation will take you on a journey of honoring your most sacred space, your womb. Through breathe, sound, affirmations and meditation you're able to connect on a deeper level igniting your feminine spirit as you create a beautiful space for healing, activation & awakening. This womb healing meditation supports your connection to your feminine creation and power while bringing life to your most potent energy center!

  • Digital download
  • 10 minute meditation
  • Embodyies yourself, honoring your feminine energy and embracing your womb space
  • Filled with positive affirmations

    Includes breathe work and sound healing

    Featuring: Nichole Ferro

    Length: 10 minutes

    This guided meditation was created for all women looking to deepen the connection to their feminine energy and womb space.

    It is recommended to have a quiet sacred space set up. You may want to include items that bring in positive and uplifting energy as well.  

    Gemstone yoni egg




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