As women, we are claiming our sexual power in ways that we haven’t yet had the opportunity to do. More and more women are realizing that their pleasure is literally in their hands. There are a myriad of toys available to purchase, erotic films dedicated to women’s pleasure, and books highlighting the ways we can explore our bodies.1

There is still some stigma about it, though. At Gemstone Yoni, we want every single woman to feel empowered enough to explore their pleasure, their bodies, and their sexual autonomy through self pleasure.

Why self pleasure though? Well, self pleasure brings many benefits to everyone, especially women, beyond an orgasm. So why should you practice solo self pleasure?

Self Pleasure may Increase your Libido

            The more you do something that feels good, the more you want to do it. If you are lacking in desire to engage in sex with your partner, self pleasure can help in boosting your libido. This can bring more harmony into your partnership, and create a deeper intimacy. 

Self Pleasure can Help you Sleep Better

            If you orgasm before bed, you have a better chance at a deeper, more restful sleep. So, if you are having trouble falling asleep, bring out a toy, have some orgasmic fun, and see how that affects your ability to rest during the night.

Self Pleasure Teaches you about your Body

            When you self pleasure, you are learning about yourself, your desires, and your turn ons. This can bring you a sense of empowerment and confidence because you are no longer ignorant on what you want. If you want a great sex life, self pleasure is necessary, because when you know what you want, you can show others how to please you.

Self Pleasure can Help Improve your Skin

            Having an orgasm increases your estrogen levels which can drastically improve the look and feel of your skin. We all know that post orgasm glow, there is a reason for it! So, more self pleasure means better looking skin.


Self Pleasure can Increase your Mood

            A regular self pleasure practice can bring more happiness to your life. Your body is flooded with dopamine and oxytocin when you orgasm which are neurotransmitters needed to feel good. You can experience less stress due to a decrease in cortisol.


Self Pleasure can Help Reduce Pain

            Because of the neurotransmitters released during an orgasm, self pleasure can also help that headache you have. It also raises your pain tolerance, which means if you are feeling pain, it doesn’t seem as bad because your body can handle it better.


Self Pleasure can Strengthen your Pelvic Floor Muscles

            When you self pleasure, and orgasm, you are actively working your pelvic floor muscles. This will help with preventing prolapse, incontinence, and painful sex from a result of weakened  muscles. A strong Pelvic floor is the foundation for a healthy body, and self pleasure will assist in that.


Self Pleasure can Increase Overall Confidence

            It feels empowering to take your pleasure in your own hands, and so, because of this, women who regularly self pleasure feel more confidence in their daily lives.

There are so many benefits on why you should be self pleasuring on the regular that goes beyond pleasure itself. Your overall life improves. If you do not have a self pleasure practice, begin with carving out 15 minutes everyday to explore yourself. Get some toys, think of some fantasies, touch every part of you, and take your pleasure into your hands.
Image Credit - Melodie Perrault
November 04, 2022 — A J