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Yoni Goddess Bundle

$ 45.00


We want to bless your Yoni with a passionate, nourishing self love bundle. 

We are excited to bring you our best selling accessories in one convenient bundle + sexy savings! 

Yoni Steam:

Five Yoni Steams per bag - five month supply!

A traditional blend of organic herbs to promote womb wellness.

Yoni steaming or vaginal steaming is an ancient tradition where a women uses an herbal blend to create an aromatic steam that permeates the outer area of her vagina. The herbs nourish a women's most sacred space and body in numerous ways by strengthening the womb & uterus, cleanses & detoxes, anxiety, imbalances, increase fertility, maintain feminine health and much more.

Our All organic blend includes: Lemon Balm, Yarrow Leaf & Flower, Calendula, Basil & Mexican Oregano.

Contains 5 Cups (5 oz) / approx. 5 Steams

Yoni Wash:

Our organic pH balanced yoni egg and vaginal wash gently cleanses with botanical based surfactants. Soft herbal extracts of Rosemary and Aloe Vera soothe and nourish your sacred space and yoni gemstones. 

Our custom blended yoni wash promotes silky smooth labia skin and provides lipid relief to nourish, all while leaving your natural pH right where it's supposed to be.  

To maintain your natural feminine balance, we do not scent our Yoni Cleanse.

Comes in an 8oz bottle filled with all natural ingredients;  Saponified organic oils of, coconut, olive and jojoba, rosemary extract and aloe vera. That's all. 

A little goes a long way; only 1-2 pumps is all that is needed to gently cleanse your sacred space. 

You can also dilute this 2:1 water to yoni wash ratio. 

With daily use, one bottle will last about 3 months. 

Women of Magick Incense: 

Flowers are the ‘Yoni’s’ of nature – and are now calling us to remember and access their wisdom, as the Divine Feminine returns to rebirth our world.  Like a Chalice of the feminine, they open to receive and offer their essence and nectar, which is essential to create life. Their beauty and delicate nature, fragrance and allure carry the Feminine Frequency and they reconnect us to the Womb of Gaia.

Woman of Magick incense is the ‘Magic Doorway’ to the feminine realms of the universe and can offer powerful medicine on your Womb Awakening journey with her sacred smoke. 


Lavender, Rose, Chamomile, Calendula, Sage, Copal Resin, Frankinense Resin. 

Yoni String:

Our Yoni Egg string comes in a glass container filled with 30 meters of string, lightly coated with food grade candellila wax.  Lightly waxed string is preferred because it protects the string from absorbing fluids allowing a few uses each time.

Please note that yoni string will not be included unless you select it above the "ad to cart" button.

Please view each product listing for specific product details.  

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