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Women of Magick {Resin & Flower Incense Blend}

$ 12.99


Women of Magick is a house made, blessed mix of beautifully dried flowers, resins and herbs blended for their magical and medicinal properties of fertility, abundance, happiness, health, good luck and new beginnings. 

Created to empower you on your journey throughout life. This blend is naturally aromatic and feminine, what a wonderful way to cleanse and charge your Yoni Gems as well as you and your home. 

This flowery blend will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or outdoors, with purely natural fragrance of the wise plant spirits. 

This authentic aroma is so powerful that just about a half teaspoon burned on a disk is enough to fill up your sacred space with juicy, flowery smoke. 

Tap into your deepest wisdom to birth your most cherished dreams. Like a Chalice of the feminine, they open to receive and offer their essence and smoke, which is essential to create life, dreams and manifestations. 

Woman of Magick harnesses each flower and resins unique vibration; as we use and work with them, they can assist to reawaken and heal all aspects of our yoni (or lingham) and womb that have shut down and disconnected, awakening our innocent and wild sensuality.

Woman of Magick can be used to energetically cleanse and clear your Yoni Gems to assist in the divine connection to the sacred feminine as well as in alters, meditation journeys, rituals, manifesting, home clearing and more. 






Copal Resin

Frankinense Resin

Not for internal use. Burn on a charcoal disc in heat and fire proof container. 

4 oz 



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