Sensual Bundle | Rose Quartz Yoni Egg | Quartz Wand | Amethyst Pipe

$ 146.99

Bundle and save!  Our sensual bundle has just the right combo to take you to a new realm of pleasure.  Indulge with our amethyst point pipe before you spiritually and physically nourish yourself. 

Yoni Gems will take you to new heights and open you up.  Shed those barriers, stop shying away and set that goddess within you free!.

Cultivate the sacred energy of love and recharge your heart chakra with the Rose Quartz yoni egg. Reawaken trust through the soothing vibrations to calm and cleanse your auric field to open yourself up to a deeper love connection. The vibration of love that flows from this stone penetrates deeply into the cellular level where it brings harmony and unity to your heart.

Each stone will have a unique appearance of light translucent pink to medium pink color variations.

Corresponds to the Heart Chakra

Rose quartz the stone of love, filled with feminine energy, compassion, nourishment and comfort. Inspires beauty, romance and intimacy.

Let this deliciously magical pleasure wand take you away to a pleasure fuelled state of mind. Quartz is known for its amplifying and balancing abilities which will allow you to focus on your climax intently. This is the perfect crystal sex toy to create confidence, pleasure and positive energy throughout your sexual playtime.


Each stone will have a clear translucent color.

Corresponds to all Chakras

Quartz is a programmable stone and will amplify any energy it is intended too. One of the most versatile gemstones that opens your mind and heart.

Each amethyst will have a unique color variation of light to dark purple and possible quartz inclusions, chevrons or banded lines.

Corresponds to the Crown and Third Eye

Amethyst is a stone of spiritually and contentment. Used to control anxieties and addiction bringing peace, serenity and composure..


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