Self-Care Bundle { Rose Quartz Makeup Brush + Amethyst Roller + Goddess Ring}

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Turn your self-care into a ritual and add meaning to the little things.  Our self-care bundle makes everyone feel like goddess

Includes our Large Powder Brush

Gently dust your face with powder giving a light finishing coverage. Incorporate a beauty ritual for your everyday "get ready routine" feeling gorgeous inside and out with the vibrant handles that radiate crystal energies.

Rejuvenate your skin with the ancient anti-aging tool; the crystal facial roller. Used to tighten and tone your skin this facial roller is sure to enhance your beauty inside and out.

Size: 8mm rose quartz egg, sterling silver with Cubic zirconia crystals along the band 

Adjustable size / one size fits all

Wear the goddess symbol on your hand with our rose quartz goddess ring. The egg shape symbolizes the womb, your life force creative energy. Accessorize your beauty by combing the energy of rose quartz and glamour of gemstone jewelry.