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Sacred Seduction {Aphrodisiac Incense Blend}

$ 12.99


Alchemically formulated with intention, Sacred Seduction Aphrodisiac Incense is designed to seduce and awaken sexual energy, while simultaneously invoking deep relaxation, trust and erotic desire with this sensual sacred smoke blend. 

Use Sacred Seduction to infuse both you and your lover with potent sexual desire. As the smoke fill your space you will feel your sexual energy within your body awaken. 

Blended with strong aphrodisiac herbs, flowers and resins to enhance libido. 

Burn this blend with your beloved for a sacred love ritual, or a solo session with just you. 


Jasmine Flowers


Rose Flowers

Cinnamon bark

Frankincense resin

Myrrh Resin

Pairs perfectly with one of our GIA certified crystal sex toys or Love Magick Elixir 

Not for internal use. Burn on a charcoal disc in heat and fire proof container. 

3 oz. 

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