Rose Quartz Facial Massage Tool for Skin Tightning & Wrinkle Earsing - – Gemstone Yoni Eggs
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Rose Quartz Facial Massage Tool for Skin Tightning & Wrinkle Earsing - GIA Certified

$ 24.99

Brand Gemstone Yoni Eggs

Each massage tool purchase comes in a sanitary, sealed, professional package complete with a user guide and a custom keepsake pouch. 

Not all wrinkle remedies come from a bottle or a surgeon’s scalpel. Traditional Chinese anti-aging tool, the Gua Sha, packs a much more effective punch.

If your looking for an effective, holistic way to reverse the signs of aging look no further than the Gua Sha tool. Made of pure, organic crystal, the Gua Sha tool works by stimulating your skin's own revitalization to reveal younger and more beautiful skin.

In just a few short weeks you'll begin to notice firmer skin, reduction in wrinkles, less sagging skin and a vibrant youthful glow.

The results are amazing!

Gua Sha translates from Chinese to mean "stripping away toxins."

Gua Sha is a small medicinal crystal tool used to gently massage and manipulate the skin, stimulating certain energy points along the face (acupressure) to promote Qi energy flow and remove toxins & stimulate energy meridians which connect to internal organs to help you look and feel better.

Its beauty benefits include:

  • reducing the appearance of wrinkles, 
  • lifts sagging skin 
  • reduce dark eye circles and puffy eyes
  • dissolve age spots, discolorations and an overall dull complexions
  • break up fatty deposits and fascia in face 
  • eliminate water retention in face
  • promotes glowing, vibrant skin by bringing healthy oxygen rich blood to surface
  • promotes new cell growth
  • break up wrinkles on chest
  • both rose quartz and green adventurine work the same. Pick your favorite based on crystal and shape. 

Use your Gua Sha tool with your favorite face cream, oil or serum to give your Gua Sha tool slip and to drive your face cream, oil, or serum deep into your skins cells.

Have hair loss or looking to stimulate new hair growth? Try our Green Adventurine Gua Sha tool with the "comb" end on the scalp to massage from top of scalp to bottom to bring forth healthy blood and circulation to stimulate new hair growth.

Save hundreds if not thousands on an effective, holistic alternative to costly surgery, (sometimes) toxic creams, injections, laser, etc. treatments!

Check out this fun video which shows you how to preform an effective, traditional facial Gua Sha massage.

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