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Organic Facial Serum | Crystal Infused

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Our organic crystal infused facial serum is filled with a synergistic blend of natural oils for all skin types. With it's antioxidant, hydrating, anti-aging and anti-inflamatory abilities this all in one versatile serum will enhance your beauty regimen radiating any complexion.

  • Promotes silky smooth skin
  • Nourishes inflammation and rosacea
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Can be used with our crystal beauty tools
  • Coconut Oil: Hydrating

    Hibiscus Oil: Anti-oxidant

    Arnica Oil: Anti-inflamatory

    Rose Seed Hips Oil: Anti-aging

    Size: 1 ounce

    Skin Type: All skin types

    Rose Quartz Roller Ball

    Cleanse skin before each use. Roll oil across face entire face, rub in with fingers or use as a glide for beauty treatment. Let serum absorb into skin.

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