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Carnelian Yoni Eggs

$ 34.99

Brand Gemstone Yoni Eggs

Each Yoni Egg purchase comes in a sanitary, sealed, professional package complete with a user guide, four pocket crystals and a custom silk keepsake pouch.

Sweet savings when you buy a set! 

  • Size: Large, Medium & Small 

  • Origin: Madagascar

  • Color: Orange, Red, Cream, Clear; may be a mix of all colors or solid (please see group pic).

  • Drilled & Undrilled are available 

  • Chakra: Hear, Sacral

  • Properties: Vitality, courage, sexuality, passion, power, confidence, action, strength, growth, assertiveness, boldness

  • Characteristics: Shiny, silky smooth, light weight.


Our Yoni Eggs are hand-carved and gently tumbled to a smooth and silky texture , perfect for your sacred inner space. 

Yoni Eggs for women provide the fastest, safest, and most effective way to gain vital intimate strength for the entire pelvic floor.  Yoni Eggs work as kegel weights, giving your sacred inner space the weight and resistance it needs to increase vaginal tightening, healthy moontime, increased sexual pleasure, feminine empowerment and postpartum healing. Yoni Eggs have a myriad of benefits, click here to read more. 

Regular kegels that are embraced and understood by women today ignore some of the most vital components of vaginal strengthening techniques: weight, resistance, massage and form. The natural egg shape represents new beginnings and is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly inside a woman's vagina, giving her just the right amount of resistance for an effective pelvic floor workout, or the perfect touch of crystal energy for womb meditation, manifestation, healing and self improvement techniques you can only with a yoni egg!

We are proud to offer women the first holistic, non-porous, hygienic alternative to stainless steel ben wa balls and plastic pelvic floor exercisers. And unlike other kegel exercisers, kegel weights and vaginal cones, Gemstone Yoni Eggs are not enhanced or shaped with chemicals, dyes, heat, plasticizers like phthalates, BPA, etc. making them totally safe and totally natural. 

Free Shipping, Free Goddess Coloring Book & a Free Yoni Yoga eBook with every purchase!

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By purchasing a Gemstone Yoni Egg you agree to the following statement.

Due to the nature of natural gemstones, each yoni egg will be different in color and patterns; you will not receive the product pictured, please refer to the group pic for a general idea on what the variations are in gemstones. . Occasionally yoni eggs may have natural external imperfections called inclusions; these ever so tiny surface nicks may be present on some yoni eggs. Please remember that these are natural gemstones, not man-made materials like plastic or silicone, are made by hand with no enhancements or alterations. Because of this, there may be ever so tiny imperfections which is perfectly normal and to be expected on some stones. You can read each yoni eggs characteristics in the product description above. If this is not okay with you, please do not buy a yoni egg.

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