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Love Magick {Aphrodisiac Elixir}

$ 12.99


Alchemically formulated with intention, Love Magick Aphrodisiac Elixir is designed to seduce and awaken sexual energy, while simultaneously invoking deep relaxation, trust and erotic desire. 

Use Love Magick to infuse both you and your lover with potent sexual desire. 

Each bottle comes adorned with whole jasmine flowers, quartz and carnelian crystals to enhance this blend with warm, seductive crystal energy to help seal the sexual relationship as a sacred bond. 

Pairs perfectly with Sacred Seduction Incense Blend. 


Roll onto neck, wrists, between thighs and breasts (avoid nipples as the natural oils may have a bitter taste). External use only. Essential oils are therapeutic grade. 


Carrier oil: fractionated coconut oil. 

Therapeutic grade essential oil blend: ylang ylang, rock rose, vanilla, lavender, cocoa, geranium, bergamot, mandarin peel oil, rosewood oil, lemon peel oil, palmarosa leaf oil, grapefruit oil, orange peel oil, hibiscus seed oil, frankincense resin oil, patchouli oil, tangerine leaf oil, sandlewood oil, rose oil, ginger oil, coriander seed oil. 

Other ingredients: quartz and carnelian crystals, jasmine flowers. 

10ML glass roller bottle. One bottle will last several months with regular use. Unisex scent. External use only. 




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