High Vibes Holiday Bundle{Amethyst Point Pipe + Rose Quartz Anal Plug + Sage Stick}

$ 110.97 $ 88.78

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Size: 4” long x 1.5” at widest spot, end disk 1.75”

Discover the orgasmic pleasure points within the highly sensitive anal and prostate region with our pure crystal anal plug. Allow yourself to fall into ecstasy while the energy vibrates through the backside intensifying a deep powerful sensation.

The Amethyst pipe bestows a spiritual understanding required to reach the state of bliss and an ultimate perfection upon you.  Amethyst is filled with a strong, awakening energy that  will bring spirituality and contentment, royally representing the principles of complete metamorphosis. Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra where divine essence enters into your being with the energies of serenity and composure. You will feel like the queen that you are with this Amethyst crystal pipe.

Clear your space with a one of a kind succulent wildcrafted sage stick. Harvested from California, filled with organic white sage and rose petals. Activate, bless, cleanse or heal through the connection of spiritually nourishing your life.