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Yoni Egg Beginners Guide

Congratulations, you're about to embark on a life-changing journey Goddess! 

yoni eggs

There is a hunger for what we once knew...

The awakening of the empowered feminine is on the rise; there is no better time to join thousands of women all over the world on this adventure. 

Be on the forefront of this shift; yoni eggs and womb power are a match made in nirvana.

Here are our five best tip and tricks for starting your yoni egg journey.

1.Consistency is vital.

If your serious about implementing changes into your life, whether it be a stronger pelvic floor, self confidence, earth shattering orgasms, postpartum recovery, manifesting, cultivating feminine energy and power, you must stay consistent with using your yoni egg. We recommend using your yoni egg at least three times a week for best results. Set aside some YOU time. It can be in the mornings while your getting ready, at night after the kids are in bed, or whenever is good for you. Aim for 30 minutes to an hour each session; 5-10 minutes for yoni exercises. Staying consistent with your yoni egg practice will give you the results you dream of. 

Check out our Yoni Goddess Stickers to serve as a positive reminder to stay on track. Stick them on your bathroom mirror, vanity, water bottle, etc. We have the Yoniverse Goddess to remind you to use your yoni eggs, the Sacred Breasts Goddess to remind you to do your monthly breast check and massage and Gaia, the Goddess of earth and prophecy.

2. Energy Concentration & Sensory Awareness 

We understand that starting a yoni egg practice can be overwhelming. There hundreds of different ways to use your yoni egg and for some of you finding a starting point can be a challenge. Our best tip is to simply insert your yoni egg and concentrate your energy to your womb space. With each breath breathe into your womb space and exhale out of your womb space. It's okay if you get preoccupied and forget about your breathe work or that your yoni egg is even in there (it happens to all of us). Just pick up where you left off with your breathe work. A good time to start is during a movie at home, or reading a book before bed. By doing this your creating sensory awareness in your yoni by the ability to receive and differentiate sensory stimuli. This natural intelligence literally awakens your womb space subconsciously through your sensory system...just by having your yoni egg inside.Pretty cool, huh?!

3. Pelvic Floor Fitness with Kegel Squeezes

We love that yoni eggs give women a holistic alternative to traditional pelvic floor exercisers. A fun way to work your pelvic floor is with an exercise called "the tug of love." You'll need a drilled yoni egg that is stringed for this one. Insert your yoni egg and kegel it up as high as you can (use your fingers to push her up if needed); try and get her as close to your cervix as you can. Once your yoni egg is up there, gently tug the string like your going to remove the egg, but don't pull it out. While pulling the string, use your yoni muscles to keep the yoni egg inside, like your playing tug of war. Please Remember to be gentle with your ever so delicate yoni and tug very softly as well as kegel gently. If you don't have a drilled egg you can do the same exercise, but instead of tugging the string you'll use your muscles to push the egg out; once you feel it at the opening of your yoni, suck it back in. Repeat for 5-10 sets and for no more than 5 minutes at a time. Allow your yoni to rest in between sets. The relaxation component is very important for strength building.  

Another thing we love about the Tug of Love exercise are all the Erotic Reflexology points it hits in the yoni. Your yoni egg will literally massage the intimate pressure-points from the inside, from top all the way down. Once these reflexology points are massaged and awakened, women will begin to experience the multiple orgasms and sexual ecstasy that she deserves...all while sending healing energy to various organs in her body.

4. Connecting Spiritually with your Yoni Egg

A common question we get asked a lot is "how do I connect with my egg?" There are a few ways to do this, we say let the process be intuitive and go with the flow. If that means sleeping near or with your egg, great. Wearing your egg in your bra for a few days, go for it! Some of our favorite ways is to first energetically cleanse your yoni egg (instructions in the brochure that comes with your purchase or check out this article). Next, wear your yoni egg and do nothing. Just let it be ( sensory awareness). By doing this your are infusing your own energy into the yoni crystal. You can also sing to your yoni egg, speak positive affirmations to your yoni egg and keep your yoni egg near you, on an alter, or near something dear to you like your vanity, jewelry, bed, etc. Crystals have the ability to absorb and store energy. Scientific America as well as Stanford did studies on this and found that through quantum memory or "superman memory" crystals can literally store thousands of times more memory than a computer or hard drive! That ladies is the power of crystals. Infuse your energy into your yoni crystal and you'll have your own little spiritual genie at your beck and call. 

5. Womb Meditation for Manifesting

Almost every living being on earth has roots in the womb, making the womb the logical domain for a woman's power source. Besides creating life, our wombs also give birth to new ideas, projects, businesses, and much more! The power and magic that women hold in their womb space is unlike anything out there. So, let's tap into this power source!

We like to start by raising the vibration or frequency of the yoni egg by infusing your goals and desires into her. Hold your yoni egg over your thrid eye or heart chakra and release a deep and low humming sound, Huuummmmmmmmmm. Think of whatever is it you are trying to manifest while humming into your yoni egg. Let's say your trying to manifest a new home. Picture this home, visualize yourself living in this home while humming into your yoni egg. Doing this is literally storing these desired intentions directly into your yoni crystal. Do this for 1-2 minutes. 

Sit or lay in silence or with relaxing background music playing. Start to yoni breathe or simply breathe in and out of your womb space. With each breathe, concentrate your energy to your yoni egg/womb space and visualize your yoni egg releasing what your manifesting (remember you just infused her with these intentions) out into your womb and beyond like rays of light. Picture what your manifesting, feel it, believe it to be true. 

Do this for however long like you. Mini sessions are just as effective as longer sessions. The key is consistency, ladies. 

We hope you love these tip and tricks! Check out our blog and social media pages for more juicy information in the future! 

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Enjoy the journey, ladies. 

Steph & Lex