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GIA Certified Yoni Eggs
Tireless seekers of feminine magick and womb bliss, Gemstone Yoni has devoted themselves to a dream, vision and mission...to spiritually nourish women.

"Our goal is to revolutionize feminine empowerment and it all starts with the womb, your source of primal feminine power!"

Run by a team of two sisters based out of Colorado and California, Gemstone Yoni produces the most authentic Yoni Gems of the finest semi-precious quality. There is no middle man, no communication problems and no compromise when it comes to producing the worlds best GIA Certified Yoni Gems!

We believe that as our customer, you deserve complete transparency when it comes to knowing all the details of an item intended to enhance your health and spiritual well-being.

We work directly with all aspects of production, check out our standards and quality to see how our Yoni Gems are made. 


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