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Yoni Eggs are more than just gemstones. They're sacred tools for feminine health and spirituality that have been used for thousands of years. The strengthen our pelvic floor while encouraging us to pause and realign with our feminine energy. They motivate us to invest in self love and a healthy, peaceful lifestyle. They connect us to our most powerful and sacred place, our wombs. 

The most frequent question we get asked is how to choose a Yoni Egg?  There are several ways to choose the perfect Yoni Egg.  

1. Choose by Gemstone: Each gemstone is unique in it's own way. They all hold their own energy, power and metaphysical properties. 


Mother Earth blesses each and every gemstone with it's own unique energy source. Make sure the yoni egg(s) your choosing aligns with your intentions. Each yoni egg will benefit you in some way; see if you can find something that you connect with individually.


Colors are not only a delight for the eyes and soul, they have special vibes and healing properties. The wonderful thing about yoni eggs is their colors are all unique and totally natural. From Amethyst's vibrant purple to Red Jasper's deep, sexy reds. Choose a yoni egg whose colors vibe with you. 

2. Choose by Size: Just like the uniqueness of each gemstone so are all of you, we all come in different sizes so choosing the right size is important.  For the majority of us women, the best size to start with is the Large.  However, so women are perfectly good starting with a medium.  You always want to start with a bigger size and then work your way down to small.  

Things to consider when looking at size; 

Have you given birth? Do you have incontinence or prolapse? Are you a virgin? Are you petite? 

Other factors to consider;

Are you using jade eggs for kegel exercises?  Are you using jade eggs for meditation and self love? 

Check out our size guide for a more in-depth look at jade egg sizes!

yoni egg sizes

3. Choose by Style (drilled or non-drilled): Choosing which style yoni egg is simply a personal preference, there is no right or wrong choice. Jade eggs come in 2 styles; drilled or non-drilled. 


A drilled yoni egg is one that has a hole drilled at the smaller end for a string to be tied to.  This allows for easy removal, more advanced kegel exercises and vaginal weightlifting.  The drilled jade egg is great for beginners. For tips on how to use drilled yoni eggs check out our user guide


A non-drilled jade egg does not have the hole drilled into it.  The non-drilled yoni egg is great for more advanced users that can remove the jade egg on their own by simply using their pelvic floor muscles.  The non-drilled yoni egg is also great for meditation and yoni breathing.   

4. Choosing by intention: It's important to choose a Yoni Egg your energetically drawn to. Things we are drawn to are important in our self love journey - whether it be a crystal, the beach or something special to you.


Things we are attracted to are important in our self-love journey. We can find peace on a beautiful beach, happiness on a nature walk and appreciation for beautiful art. Start by choosing a yoni egg you think is beautiful to you. 


The gift of intuition is one of our most sacred gifts we hold. I know you've all heard your mothers say "listen to your gut feeling, it never lies!" The same goes with choosing yoni eggs. Let your intuition lead the way. If you notice you keep going back to a certain yoni egg, that may be your gut speaking to you, or even the crystal! 

If your still unsure, we recommend starting with a Certified Jade Egg or Rose Quartz Yoni Egg. 

Check out out Yoni Egg Metaphysical Guide here