GIA Certified Yoni Eggs
Cleanse & Clear:  
Spiritually cleansing and clearing your gemstones are essential for ridding them of any negative or bad energies.  
Sun or Moon light: Place your gemstone under the sun or moon light.  Let sit for a couple hours or as long as you feel is needed. 
Sage:  Burn some sage and spread over your crystals, do this for a few minutes. 
Earth:  Place your gemstone in the earth; on grass, in a hole, on the beach, in a plant etc.  Let it sit over night or a couple hours.
    Crystals can assist in meditation by magnifying personal energy while connecting with the universal powers. 
    Set Intentions: Hold the crystal in the palms of your hand, state your intentions out loud or in your head.  Repeat your intentions until you feel they are set. 
    Manifest Dreams & Goals: Hold or wear your crystal, close your eyes and envision what you want. Think about it in detail; How does it feel, what does it look like, smell like, taste like... Align yourself with what you want.
    Each gemstone correlates with one of the seven chakras, open and clear that region of any blockages while letting the vibrational energies flows through your body. 
    Heal: Place the gemstone on your body of the corresponding chakra. Slowly move the stone upward directing the energy flow.