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how to clean yoni eggs

Welcome to our user guide. Here you will find how to wash, cleanse and charge your yoni gemstones. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

How to wash your yoni egg and other yoni gemstones:

Upon receiving your yoni egg (and/or other yoni gemstones) you'll need to give it a thorough cleaning. To do this, simply place your yoni egg in hot water (never, ever use boiling water) add a squirt of our Yoni Cleanse or other natural soap and gently agitate for a few seconds. Leave your yoni egg in the hot soapy water for up to ten minutes. Rinse clean and either towel or air dry. Always clean your yoni egg or other yoni gems this way after each use.

How to spiritually cleanse and charge your yoni egg and other yoni gemstones:

A gemstone never loses it's earth given energy, however, it's a good idea to clear and prepare your gemstones to remove any negative or dull energy that may be lingering and to bring her pure crystal energy back to her original state. Also, you'll want to infuse your yoni egg with your own energy and vibrations for the ultimate healing experience. Here are some of our favorite ways to clear and prepare gemstones:

  • Sea salt bath: place your gemstone in a glass bowl with clean water and sea salt. Leave no longer than overnight in the water. 
  • Sage, cedar, or palo santo: burn near your gemstone so that it absorbs the cleansing smoke from your smudge stick.
  • Sunshine and moonlight: leave your gemstone in the sunshine for no more than two hours (the suns energy is powerful and can drain gemstones as well as affect their natural color). You may leave your gemstones in the moonlight over night.
  • Intentions + mantras: softly state a positive mantra over your gemstone, followed by stating your intentions. For example: for your mantra say something like love or whatever you want it to be (as many times as you want) and then state your intention like, I will attract happiness and kindness today. We always preform this step before using our yoni eggs or other gemstones. 

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