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GIA Certified Yoni Eggs

Green Jadeite Jade Yoni Eggs

$ 69.99

Brand Gemstone Yoni Eggs

Step into the harmony of your spiritual blueprint for the energy of green Jadeite is of the highest etheric spectrum!

Nourishing all who come into her presence, this stone is one of enhanced spiritual purification that releases that which prevents an attitude of serene acceptance. Purify your mind and enter into a meditative state of compassion and empathy, and attune to the angelic realms of your psychic ability.

Green Jadeite is a must for meditation and the visionary states that enhance empathy and all varieties of psychic ability. It enhances expressiveness, intelligence and perception, aiding you in being adept at that which you have been divinely chosen. 

  • 100% natural GIA Certified Jadeite from Guatemala 
  • Size: Large 38x50mm, Medium 30x40mm, Small 25x35mm
  • Hand carved & gently tumbled to a smooth and silky texture 
  • Discreet shipping
  • Comes with user guide & keepsake pouch
  • Chakra: third eye

All of our crystal dildos and yoni eggs are hand carved, slight imperfections on the stone are normal and to be expected due to the natural structure of gemstones.

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