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Labradorite Point Pipe

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The Labradorite pipe is made from raw labradorite gemstone and is great for self-discovery. It's also excellent for awakening one's own awareness of your inner spirit, intuition & psychic capabilities. Labradorite is the most powerful protector of the mineral world, It creates a shield of force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. Make sure to pair this with a kick ass sativa strain on your next smoke session!

  • Natural Stone
  • Carb or no carb option
  • Can use with screen or no screen
  • MOHS Rating: 6.5

    Origin: Madagascar

    Size:4" long x 1" wide

    The base color of labradorite is a dark smoky gray, but when light strikes the stone in a particular direction, it displays striking rainbow-colored reflections.

    Corresponds to the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakra

    Labradorite brings insight, strengthens intuition, boosts confidence and inspiration.

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