Sacred Yoni Ritual | Guided Practice

$ 56.99

Sacred Yoni Ritual

The Sacred Yoni Ritual is a beautiful 60 minute program with the Jade Yoni Egg. This three part method is for sexual empowerment, self love and healing. Get into your sacred space, dim the lights and set the mood for a deep session of tuning into yourself and giving every part of your body love.  

The truth is the jade egg is only a tool. Your vitality, your happiness, your sensuality and everything you desire is already inside you. Perhaps it's just been ignored or hibernating.

This unique method will allow you to experience physical and mental well being as you release old energetic blockages and embody a new pattern of confidence within your mind and body. It's our pleasure to serve as your guide on this exciting journey.


  • Digital download or CD
  • Three part method
  • 60 minutes of embodying yourself
  • Like a private one-on-one yoga class
  • Featuring: Katie Kamala

    Length: 60 minutes | 3 parts

    Step 1. Yoni Yoga- aka strengthening the pelvic floor with tantric exercises.

    Step 2. Sensual self -massage of the breast, womb and yoni.

    Step 3. Sound healing with ancient mantra's and musical frequencies.

    Answer these questions to find out if this practice is right for you

    1. Have you ever experienced physical or emotional trauma to the Yoni such as; difficult childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, rape, sexual abuse, sexually transmitted disease, toxic relationships or low self esteem surrounding your body and sexuality?

    2. Are you open minded and willing to explore the most intimate part of yourself?

    3. Do you feel you have unresolved emotions that are being triggered by your partner?

    4. Would you like to learn more about your body, to be healthy and strong?

    5. Are you receptive to expanding your orgasmic sensations?

    6. Are you willing to devote one hour to fully nurture yourself?

    7. Do you have a strong desire to feel more sensuality in your life or need sexual healing?

    If so, this yoni ritual was created just for you.

    Sacred space

    Jade or other gemstone yoni egg



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