The Wisdom of Your 4 Inner Seasons

$ 44.00

An in depth look into your sacred cycle to unlock your monthly superpowers!

The information you will find here is not new information. In fact, this is ancient wisdom and once you begin this course I know you will remember the magic that is within your cycle! As women, we are naturally cyclical beings and our rhythm is connected to the rhythm of our beautiful Mother Earth. Just like the moon, our womb goes through cycles; this is the essence of the feminine.

Just as the earth goes through seasons our inner world also goes through seasons. It is crucial to our wellbeing that we understand what is happening within our bodies during these inner seasons. To have the ability to understand what you are heading into each day all because you understand your body so deeply so much power.

This course is the easiest way for women to learn about their cycle in their own time as this course never expires and you will always have access to it. "Your 4 Inner Seasons" course takes you through EVERYTHING you need to know and understand about the most powerful tool you have ... Your menstrual cycle! 

  • Online course, complete at your own pace
  • Course never expires
  • Encompasses your four inner cycles
  • Creates a deeper understanding of yourself as a woman
  • Created by: Nichole Ferro

    Length: Four phases 

    Includes videos, exercises, womb meditation and more.

    This course is ideal for all women looking to dive deeper into themselves, connect with their inner feminine and unlock the powers of their internal being.

    The course is housed on the teachable platform where you will 24/7 access.  Once you have purchased the course, please allow up to 24 hours for your access to be granted.  You will receive an email once your access has been setup. 


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