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Finding my sensual self through yoni breathing

Yoni breathing Huh?.... What is yoni breathing?  It's a practice, an art, a way of spiritually nourishing yourself while connecting your yoni and sexual energy.  

I've heard talks of yoni breathing over the past few years, but never really gave it much attention until just recently. I had a baby 9 months ago and since then I've become detached from myself.  It may have a little to due with the fact that I don't get sleep, I have no time for myself and mostly in part that I don't feel sexy anymore.  I've gained weight, I never get myself done up, (yes, I wear yoga pants almost every day), my vagina doesn't look or feel the same and worst of all I'm never in the mood to engage in intercourse with my husband.  

So I thought I'd give the yoni breathing a shot, I've got nothing to loose and if it helps me find my sensual self again then it's a win win for me and my husband :)  

I decided to give myself a little extra vibrations during my session and inserted my yoni egg.  I really wanted to focus on love and sexual energy so naturally I used my rose quartz yoni egg.  I began with my yoni egg inserted, layed flat on my back, taking slow small breathes.  I focused all my energy, emotions, mind and body on my womb space.  I was speaking to myself my intentions and what I wanted to gain from this session.  "My yoni, my sacred place, my temple of love, the divine goddess inside me, awaken the energy I'm missing, I've forgotten, help me find my sexy"  

Once I spoke my intentions, I began breathing, slowly, inhale, exhale....  I worked my way up a little faster, louder and deeper.  I could feel my yoni's energy flowing through my body, it felt good!  The louder I got the juicer I became... I added some more attention on my yoni egg, hugging her, moving the egg up and down inside me. I kept the session going for almost 15 minutes and WOW, I was radiating inside.  

As the session ended I felt something inside I haven't felt in a long time, I felt some kind of enlightenment and I couldn't wait to have another session. And better yet, I was uniquely turned on, I couldn't stop thinking of my husband.  Who would of thought, a little TLC with yourself could awaken your sensual self hiding inside.  

November 09, 2017 by Alexis Maze